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Company Brief‎

Company Brief‎

We have honor to introduce a brief about the ‎company capabilities from machines and production ‎lines in the different departments of company

Sheet Metal Department:

The company manufactures various types and shapes of ‎sheet metal products using a wide range of hydraulic ‎and eccentric presses (from 5 Tons to 250 Tons), electric ‎scissors, transfer and progressive dies.‎

Die Construction Department:

The company has its own die construction department ‎for design and construction of sheet metal dies using ‎‎(wire cut m/c, CNC machine center, CNC lathe).

Turning & Grinding & Milling Department:‎

The company has the capabilities for doing:

‎ 1- Turning operations (Rough to very fine) using a wide ‎range of turning machines (Normal Lathes, Automatic ‎lathes, copy lathes, CNC lathes).‎

2- Grinding operations (External & ‎internal grinding, surface grinding) using normal or ‎center less grinding machines.‎

3- Threading operations (Normal or thread ‎rolling).

‎4- Milling operation using (Vertical & ‎horizontal and universal) Milling machines.‎

Welding Department:

The company has the capabilities for doing all types of ‎welding operations using a wide range of welding ‎machines (Arc welding machines AC & DC, Oxy - ‎acetylene welding, TIG & MIG welding, Spot Welding, ‎Butt Welding, Projection Welding).

‎ Die Casting Department:‎

The company has Die casting m/c up to 60 tons.

Painting Department

The company has the capabilities for doing various ‎types of painting operations and its requirements ‎‎(Galvanizing, Nickel, Nickel Chrome, Grease removal, ‎brass plating, chip removal for Ferrous & non Ferrous).

Assembly Department

The company has various assembly lines for assembly ‎all company products using the most advanced ‎technology to achieve standard and very high quality ‎products.‎

Quality Control Department

The company controls every production step in all ‎products using all types of measuring types and ‎instruments to achieve and adapt the quality of all ‎company products.