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Feeding Industries For Gas Cookers

Technopyramids manufactures the following components for gas cookers :

‎ Main Door Hinge Set with different models (MDH1, MDH2, MDHB1, MDHB2)\

  1. ‎ Heating Door Hinge with different models (HDH1, HDH2, HDH3)‎
  2. ‎ Upper Cover Hinge with different models (UCH1, UCH2)
  3. SGT) and square (SGS)
  4. GGB1‎‏, ‏GGB2) for transferring the movement ‎from gas cooker motor to skewer grill ‎
  5. CG1, CG2, CG3, … etc.)
  6. GCB1, GCB2)‎